Molecular weight analysis of M. merluccius and P. glauca collagen by LS_GPC: effect of temperature/stirring time on solubility.
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Abstract: A01

Shark cartilage (Prionace glauca) by-products as collagen source for biotechnological applications.
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Abstract: A02

Production of marine chondroitin sulfate of defined molecular weight by enzymatic hydrolysis.
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Abstract: A04

Isolation and characterization of biopolymers from the ascidian Styela clava
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Abstract: A05

Proteoglycan mimics: Synthesis of brush glycopolymers via oxime condensation
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Abstract: A06

Development of electrospun marine-based collagen membranes as biomaterial for tissue engineering applications
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Abstract: A07

Skin and bone collagen hydrolysates from European hake (Merluccius merluccius): potential cosmetic ingredient
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Abstract: A08

Preparation and characterization of films based on biopolymers
Abstract: A09

Preparation and characterization of optical sensors based on biopolymers
Abstract: A10

Caso clínico: exoprótesis radio distal
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Study of structural and functional proteins in the sea anemone Actinia fragacea (Cnidaria) and potential biomedical interest.
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Abstract: A12

Glycosylated dipeptides as hydrogelators: design, synthesis and characterization.
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Abstract: A13

Marine invertebrates are a source of bioadhesives with biomimetic interest.
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Abstract: A14

Adhesive proteins from Bathymodiolus azoricus: functional and structural characterization.
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Abstract: A15

Bioadhesion in the marine crustacean Pollicipes pollicipes.
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Abstract: A16

Supramolecular hydrogels from short glycosylated peptide amphiphiles
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Abstract: A17

Characterization study of adhesive proteins from Bathymodiolus azoricus mussel from deep-sea hydrothermal vents.
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Abstract: A18

Evaluation of the variability of fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed and its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity
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Abstract: A19

Estabilización de sistemas semi-sólidos de ácidos grasos omega 3 de pescado mediante ciclodextrinas
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Abstract: A20

Stabilization of fish oil emulsions rich in Ѡ-3 for topical use
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Abstract: A21

Collagen extracted from Asian sea bass and diatoms purified silica for the development of scaffold for bone regeneration.
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Abstract: A22

Fabrication of Calcium Phosphates/Poly(caprolactone) Composite Using 3D Printing Technique for Bone Tissue Engineering.
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Abstract: A23

Marine-based Collagen Membranes by electrospinning technique as Biomaterial for Tissue Engineering Applications.
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Abstract: A24

Fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed Bifurcaria bifurcata: seasonal variations on physicochemical features and anti-tumoractivity against breast cancer cell line.
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Abstract: A25

Functionalization of squid chitosan with angiogenic peptides for the development of new biomaterial.
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Abstract: A26

Development of Electrospun Marine-based Collagen Membranes as Biomaterial for Tissue Engineering Applications.
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Abstract: A27

Collagen extraction from Asian sea bass and silica purification from diatoms envisaging the development of scaffolds for bone regeneration.
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Abstract: A28

Implantes metálicos recubiertos con hidroxiapatita fluorada. Viabilidad celular y propiedades antibacterianas
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Chitosan films as a carrier of omega-3 loaded nanoemulsions: release behaviour on different food simulants
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Abstract: A33

Influence of deposition technique on functionalization of poly (l-lactic acid) films with nano layers of chitosan and nanocellulose crystals
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Abstract: A34

Factorial optimization of the production of Cyanobium sp. as source of pigments and antioxidant compounds
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Abstract: A35