CVMar+i Project aims to promote the valorization of marine resources and byproducts in the region through the generation of new technologies and products of high added value with application in different industrial sectors like health and well-being, food, biotechnology and sensors.


  • Promotion of cooperation between companies and research centers. This project intends to create or strengthen cooperation links between research centers and companies in the context of the joint innovation based on the know-how of centers and the installed capacity of business.  The goal is achieving an effective share of knowledge, resources and technology focused on the smart growth of the region by the reinforcement of the industrial tissue as well as by the valorization of the population, strengthening the critical mass derived from maintaining and attracting researchers to the institutions.
  • Industrial innovation. The CVMar+I project intends to promote cooperation between research centers and companies with industrial innovation actions, expected to create significant technological advances to blatantly benefit the participant firms in a way that they improve their technological process.
  • Reinforcement of the CVMar, Multipolar Centre for the Valorization of Marine Resources, ( as an active agent in the region for the promotion of the marine resources and the valorization of products from the industrial processing. With the previous projects co-financed by POCTEP 2007-2013 this Center was created as an active agent in the region for the promotion of the endogenous marine resources valorization and the many byproducts generated in the region’s processing companies (specially fish processors and canning industry).