The Cross-Border Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy Galicia – North of Portugal sets up, among others, the following collaboration strategic areas: reinforcement of the food and biotechnology industry, proposal of advanced solutions for a healthy life based on an active ageing and valorization of marine resources (specially but not limited to the energy area). In particular, the actions considered to be critical are those which economically valorize marine resources, use biotechnology as enabling technology in agro environmental and food systems, support the introduction of new high-added-value products for the pharma industry and promote the valorization of marine by-products and discards of the fishing industry. All the previous proposing new applications and the development of new products for the health sector, especially using nanotechnology.

The CVMar+i project contributes in a decisive way to all of them by technology innovation efforts with companies based in the biotechnological valorization of marine resources and by-products, proposing new high-added-value products and technologies for significant industrial areas, such as health and well-being, food and biotechnology.
Specifically, the CVMar+i project will result in:

  • New marine biomaterials with potential to promote the tissue regeneration of bone  and cartilage, which might become advanced therapies for osteoarticular pathologies;
  • Metallic prosthesis with an improved performance due to the modification with marine compounds;
  • New cosmetic formulation using marine origin compounds;
  • Marine compounds with pharmacologic activity and application systems;
  • New food applications such as additives or edible coatings able to release bioactive compounds in a controlled way;
  • Marine compounds able to inhibit the formation of biofilms;
  • Surfaces functionalized with marine origin compounds, which allow the development of new sensors.