Development of bioprocesses for the integral valorisation of fish discards

New strategy to cope with common fishery policy landing obligation: collagen extraction from skins and bones of undersized hake (Merluccius merluccius).
Doc. 2

Optimal isolation and characterisation of chondroitin sulfate from rabbit fish (Chimaera monstrosa)
Doc. 3

An integral and sustainable valorisation strategy of squid pen byproducts
Doc. 4

Quantitative evaluation of sulfation position prevalence in chondroitin sulphate by Raman spectroscopy
Doc. 5

Isolation and Chemical Characterization of Chondroitin Sulfate from Cartilage By-Products of Blackmouth Catshark (Galeus melastomus)
Doc. 6

Production of Valuable Compounds and Bioactive Metabolites from By-Products of Fish Discards Using Chemical Processing, Enzymatic Hydrolysis, and Bacterial Fermentation
Doc. 7

Collagen Extraction Optimization from the Skin of the Small-Spotted Catshark (S. canicula) by Response Surface Methodology
Doc. 8

Valorization of By-Products from Commercial Fish Species: Extraction and Chemical Properties of Skin Gelatins
Doc. 9

Current Stage of Marine Ceramic Grafts for 3D Bone Tissue Regeneration
Doc. 10

Biofilm formation behaviour of marine filamentous cyanobacterial strains in controlled hydrodynamic conditions
Doc. 11

An integral and sustainable valorisation strategy of squid pen byproducts
Doc. 12

Microbial interaction between a CTXM-15-producing Escherichia coli and a susceptible Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from bronchoalveolar lavage: influence of cefotaxime in the dual-species biofilm formation
Doc. 13

Marine chondroitin sulfate of defined molecular weight by enzymatic depolymerization
Doc. 14

Fluor-carbonated hydroxyapatite coatings by pulsed laser deposition. Cell viability and antibacterial properties.
Doc. 15

A novel method for the production of core-shell microparticles by inverse gelation optimized with artificial intelligent tools
Doc. 16

Marine invertebrates are a source of bioadhesives with biomimetic interest
Doc. 17